Social determinant screening not enough to capture patients at risk of utility shut-off

Researchers have found that only a fraction of patients at risk of having their utilities shut off were identified through social determinants of health (SDOH) screening. The research showed that among the patients who received a utility protection letter in 2018, 70% were screened for SDOH and only 16% screened positive for difficulty paying their utility bills.

Technology in higher education: learning with it instead of from it

Technology has shifted the way that professors teach students in higher education. For example, by uploading recorded lectures online, students can reference a digital copy of the topics discussed in class. However, lecture-based teaching traditionally leaves students as consumers of information solely with little room for student creativity or interaction.

Researchers ID protein function in parasites that cause sometimes fatal diseases

In the quest to develop more effective treatments for parasitic diseases, scientists look for weaknesses in the organisms’ molecular machinery. Researchers recently contributed to that understanding by discovering the function of a specific protein in the three related parasites that cause African sleeping sickness, Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis — diseases that are sometimes fatal and afflict millions worldwide.